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09/03/07: I just added the "Owners" page...  If you,re an owner and reading thinking "Hey, where's my Chihuahua?"... I'm either behind as usual or I may need to check with you before I publish your words.  Which is to say, you may send an amusing/interesting anecdote or two... and a photo... or two...
If your just a Chihuahua Fan... enjoy!
Mimi, Shrewbury, MA.  Chihuahua: "Wanda"
08/28/2007 (from the Guestbook): I have junior's sister, Wanda. Wanda is doing well and also a brat. My experience of receiving a puppy from Brian was very very good. We looked around a lot, for just the right dog that would fit our family. Brian was very helpful, and patient. the best one can hope for with a puppy is to find a good breeder, with good dogs. If you want a deal then you don't want a dog (get a stuffed animal, you don't have to bring them to a vet) I can say that after all vet visits she is in good genetic shape and not likely to have problems. thanks again mimi
Jill, Urbana, IL. Chihuahuas: "Fausto", "Emma".  Cat: "?"
Fausto is naturally photogenic... A Chihuahua with his own blog...
Sue, Yorkville, IL. Chihuahua: "Libby Lu"
Libby Lu is 5 lbs She has a very loving temperament and serves as a Therapy Dog for Kendall County with 50 visits so far. She brings joy to all who meet her. She also is very easy to train.
Kylie, Lake Villa, IL. Chihuahuas: "Anara","Lakota"
Anara is such a sweet dog. She is a joy to have in our family. She is so energetic and she is always happy!

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