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The truth of it is: breeding can be lots of fun and very rewarding.
There is a downside: the consequences can be fatal to your dog and expensive to you.

I would not recommend the "I just want to breed my dog one time", "It will be educational for the kids", "I love my dog so much, I want another just like her"...  thing. This is dangerous, risky, and therefore "stupid".  On a simple level, toy breeds are more likely to need a caesarian delivery - about $600. On a higher level the outcome can mean death to mom and pups.

It's not worth the risk and having been through it, there is nothing, nothing that hurts so much as losing a puppy that you've bottle feed every two hours for two weeks. 

We've been lucky.  We have had two puppies die - total.  Most breeders report the standard mortality at more like 20%, that's one is five.

Enough preaching.

If you're too stubborn to take my advice, well then, do lots of reading and talk to your Vet. I recommend these books:

As much as we would like to believe otherwise, your dog is not human.
Feed your dog "Dog Food" only
To dogs:
Raisins are toxic
Chocolate is toxic
Macadamia Nuts are toxic
Onions are toxic

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