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Generally speaking, traveling via air with your Chihuahua is easy.
Rather, traveling with your Chihuahua "In-Cabin" is mostly easy.
* International travel rules are much more restrictive! *

I was inspired to publish this page after reading some incorrect information on the AKC website.

For traveling "in-Cabin", underneath the seat in front of you:

  • Do NOT sedate your Chihuahua!
  • You'll need a Chihuahua-sized carrier, often soft-sided, that will fits underneath the seat in front of you.
  • When asked, the reservations desk will offer to charge you... about $80.
  • You MAY need a Certified Vet Health Certificate (signed by a Vet within 10 days), showing up-to-date vaccinations. This varies by airline.
  • The total number of pets flying ("in cabin" and "as baggage") is often limited per airline or aircraft.

When traveling as "Baggage" (same as cargo):

  • Do not sedate your Chihuahua!  If required, get approval from the Vet and airline, FIRST!
  • You must use a sturdy Chihuahua-sized carrier approved for airline use.  It must be marked with "live animal" stickers, etc., etc., big white arrows, etc., etc.  Call your airline and get specific requirements.
  • Must have a Certified Vet Health Certificate (signed by a Vet within 10 days), showing up-to-date vaccinations.
  • Temperatures must be between 45-85F for the ENTIRE trip.
  • Must be less than 12 hours in duration
  • There may be "embargoes", dates which pets cannot fly in the cargo hold.  Generally May 15th - Sep 15th.
  • Overall, shipping as cargo can be a pain in the tuchas and is just not a good idea unless you have no other option.
Carrier Phone Number

Traveling with you

Pets as Cargo (flying by themselves)
(prices based on small pets, under 10lbs)

In Cabin

Vet* As Baggage Phone Number (click for website)


AirTran 800-247-8726 $65        
Alaska/Horizon 800-252-7522 $75 Y $75 800-252-7522 $75
American Airlines 800-433-7300 $80 Y? $100 800-227-4622 $100
America West 800-235-9292 $80        
Continental 800-523-3273 $80 Y   800-575-3335 $109
Delta 800-221-1212 $50   $100 866-782-2746 $153
Frontier 800-432-1359 NO! Y $100    
JetBlue 800-538-2583 $50        
Midwest 800-452-2022 $100 Y   800-892-6580 $145
Northwest 800-225-2525 $80   $139 800-692-2746 $252
Southwest   NO!   NO!   NO!
United 800-864-8331 $80   $100 800-822-2746  
US Airways

Same as America West

as of May 15th, 2006

* "Vet" indicates that a Veterinarian signed document showing up-to-date vaccinations is required for travel. Be aware that while the airline may not require vaccination paperwork, the local state/county/city might.

Pets traveling to Hawaii and the territory of Guam are subject to quarantine.
Pets traveling to the United Kingdom MUST obtain a Pet Travel Scheme Entry from a APHIS accredited veterinarian or Re-entry Certificate from the USDA office in his or her state.

If you email me with additional airlines, I will update the list... All rights reserved.
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