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The puppy "names" are for reference purposes only.

Mom: Faith(4lbs)    Parent 

Dad: Junior(3lbs)
Born: 7/5/2008
"Abbey"  Female $1,000.00 
White, Smoothcoat. AKC. This is a small Chihuahua

Available Puppies

Available Adults
Adult Adoption Information
"India" Female Born: 5/12/2003(14yrs) $350.00 
Blue Fawn, Long Coat. Weight @ 6lbs. She is sweet. Protective of her family. Loves to have her belly rubbed.
  "Caramel"  Female Born: 4/4/2005(12yrs) $500.00 
Red w/Black Sabling, Long Coat.
"Jude" Male Born: 7/5/2008(9yrs) $500.00 
White, Smoothcoat. AKC. Very Handsome
"Lex" Male Born: 2/1/2006(11yrs) $600.00 
Black w/Tan Markings, Smoothcoat. Weight @ adult: 4.5lbs. Active. Sweet but a little nervous. Loves attention. Champions in his background. Great Chihuahua look... ready, willing, and still equipped.
"Madison" Female Born: 4/17/2008(9yrs) $800.00 
Black... -ish, Long Coat. Weight @ 6wks: 16oz. AKC.
"Junior" Male Born: 2/28/2006(11yrs) $1,200.00 
Fawn w/White markings, Long Coat.
"Mabel"  Female Born: 1/27/2006(11yrs) $1,500.00 
Black w/Tan Markings, Long Coat.

Puppy Adoption Policies

  • We do not adopt puppies to strangers...
    Contact Us and tell us about:
    Your family?
    Where you live?
    House or Apartment?
    Why you chose a Chihuahua (instead of another breed)?
  • Despite the following list of "rules", we are very easy going.  If we're selling you a puppy, it's because we genuinely like you and feel that you will be a responsible pet owner.
  • As people that have purchased Chihuahuas ourselves, we believe that if humanly possible, you should visit the breeder, see the parents and look at your puppy in person before putting down a deposit. We understand that this may not always be possible and we will take extra photographs and thoroughly discuss your concerns if an early visit is not practical.
  • We do not "hold" puppies without a deposit... regardless of having an appointment to see a specific puppy.
  • We DO "jump through hoops" to make sure that, if you have an appointment, the puppy you're interested in will be available.  The VERY RARE exception to this is an earlier appointment "picked a different puppy".
  • We DON'T start taking deposits until the puppies are TWO WEEKS OLD.
  • There is NO WAITING LIST.  We review the current emails and contact those individuals that are still interested and seem qualified.
  • Deposits are normally 1/2 of total amount.
  • Deposits are nonrefundable. Two exceptions: (1)We choose not to sell the puppy based on our discretion. (2)Puppy health.
  • Puppies can normally go home after 8 weeks.  By this time, your puppy will be completely weaned, eating whole dry puppy food on its own, and very "sturdy".  If your puppy is traveling (by plane or very long car ride), we may hold your puppy longer.  We make the final decision about leaving at about 7 weeks... so it's not necessary to ask today.
  • We ARE NOT A PET STORE.  We don't sell puppies to "just anyone".  You should consider it a privilege to own one of our puppies... we do! 
  • All of our puppies are "Litter Trained".  You may continue to use Litter, but your puppy should easily adapt to PeePads or Outside Training... or some combination of the three.
  • We feed our puppies Nutro Puppy Max.  You are not allowed to change this until your puppy reaches adulthood.
  • You will be provided a Nutro Puppy Max sampler when you pick up your puppy.  This will be about enough food for one week.
  • All of our Chihuahuas are current on their vaccinations.  This includes the puppy you're getting.
  • All of our Chihuahuas are dewormed.  This includes the puppies, which receive three wormings with NEMEX II.
  • All puppies are CKC registered unless otherwise stated (some litters are AKC registerable, some are not).
  • We accept most forms of payment: Visa, Mastercard, Discover, American Express, Cash, Money Orders.  Checks are accepted for deposits, normally not for final payment.  Credit cards are processed via Paypal.

Deposits and Payments

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