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We are caring, careful Chihuahua breeders located in North Central Illinois about 50 miles West-Southwest of Chicago, IL.  We only breed Chihuahuas, focusing on Long coat variety.  We breed for health and disposition, not size.  As such, both parents are on premises.  While we do have smaller than normal Chihuahuas from time-to-time as a  consequence of Mother Nature, we do not intentionally breed unnaturally small animals.  We want to present you with an animal that will live a long, happy life.
All of our dogs and puppies are good natured and have been handled since birth.  Our Chihuahuas are good, healthy dogs.

Chihuahuas are a wonderful small breed of dog.  They must live inside, which makes them perfect for city apartments or country houses.  They travel well and can go just about anywhere with their owners.

The Chihuahua can recognize their own breed and prefer them to other dogs. But, when brought into the home as a puppy, they adapt well to most other pets.  They are very loyal, they love to cuddle, very intelligent, and because they are very alert, they make great watch dogs. 

 Chihuahuas come in many solid colors and combinations.  They have two coats types: long and smooth.  The typical adult Chihuahua will be between 4 to 6 pounds (the breed standard), but, they have been known to be much bigger, upwards of 9 pounds.

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