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                               Chihuahuas:                             Least Trouble...                                        Most Fun...
Skype: Chihuahua-Land
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Chihuahua puppy webcam
Puppycam takes a live snapshot every 2 minutes
 Click here for puppies or Click here for history
If the Camera is mis-pointed, let me know.
PuppyCam is OFF from 8:30PM-8:00AM CST

This is "Jude", "Max", "Lucy" & "Abby"
We're having fun at the Farmers Market
Video Date: 08/30/2009

(A total of 3 Videos, picked randomly. Hit Refresh.)

6/17/2008:A Chihuahua-Land owner entry: Vote FIVE PAWS for "Sugar Pie"!


June 20 is "Take your Dog to work" day!
Visit http://www.takeyourdog.com/. Be sure to Vote! When I voted, Chihuahuas were #5... I bet we could correct that number ;)

For us, breeding, raising and owning Chihuahuas is a hobby and a passion.

I travel for work. When I can I drive, otherwise I fly. Fortunately, my clients like dogs too. I've taken Squeezil, I've taken Ms. Mabel. I've taken Lula. The do mostly the same stuff on trips that they do here... eat... sleep. I bring along a peepads too. Chihuahua is just a convenient size. They "fit underneath the seat in front of you", they like traveling in the car. Many hotels are pet-friendly these days. It's just easy.

Some more changes to the main screen... more videos... notifications.

... and I only rarely sound like Homer Simpson!...


Hercules and Squeezil are sleeping. Hercules was 13 years old on the 25th of August. These two chihuahuas follow me everywhere... going to get the mail is an event... Squeezil has to run two or three lapses in the front yard before she's ready to move down the sidewalk. Hercules, on the other hand, has to walk calmly out... sniff the Japanese Maple... pee on it... and then look up at me. I say "We're going to get the mail", as opposed to "We're going to the Store"... He then down the walk and takes a left at the driveway... he looks back at me to make sure I wasn't trying to trick him... Squeezil, on the other hand, is in my shadow... I look around and I don't see her.. I stop... and there she is... looking up... seems like she's thinking "What? Keep moving dude. We're going to get the mail!". We meet again back at the mailbox. Squeezil has to run circles again... in the yard... technically... but edging into street. "You know you're not allowed into the street!", I blurt out again in automatic mode. Hercules sniffs... and pees on the mailbox post. We're done and I start walking back to the house. Hercules runs ahead and stares into the pond. Hercules has a keen interest in fish. I'm thinking he wants to take it to a gastronomical level. Like I said, getting the mail is an event. An event I enjoy with my Chihuahuas... possibly because on my Chihuahuas.


Long time... no write...

First off, we certainly hope everybody had a great Halloween and a Happy Thanksgiving.  I really like both of these holidays.  To me, Halloween is a great holiday.  It is nearly "guilt free"... meaning you can participate or not and nobody is going to have issues. Secondly, it is a holiday expressing pure neighborliness, fellowship and it all about kids.  Your neighbor children show up at you door and you give them candy.  If their parents are there, they often

more to follow... rebooting...


Good Morning all!

 Sorry for the 8:30am light on the puppy room... It's Garbage Day!... Yah!.. It's like a holiday every week!

Anyways, India and Pups are doing fantastic.  As you can see, they're very active... or they're very sleepy... or they're very hungry...

At the moment, India's outside, 'cause she doesn't care for peepads so much, then it's back inside to make sure everyone has clean butts!



"Libby Lu passed the CGC or Canine Good Citizen last night with flying colors! Yeah Libby!!! Monday she will be tested for the Therapy Dog Test so we're hoping she passes and can start visiting soon. We are also in the process of getting her an ILP # from the AKC so we can keep on competing with her. Hope you are well. I wanted to come for a visit but I can't see those cute puppies or I'd have to bring one home."

 Libby Lu is the daughter of Tigrrr Lyn & Dante.  We are very proud of her.  She is a wonderful Chihuahua!

The more attentive of you Chihuahua-Land blog readers will be thinking: Hey! I've already read this. Is Brian losing his mind?

... Well, I think we all know the answer to that last question... but that's another topic.

We just want to emphasize how proud we are of Libby Lu (and her family)!   This is the pinnacle of socialization. We should all strive to have Chihuahuas that are good citizens of the community.

 What's an ILP #?

Glad you asked... 
It's an AKC designation for those with a purebred Chihuahua, perhaps CKC, UKC, APR, Worldwide registered, to be able to participate in AKC events.
(I know that CKC has events too, but, AKC certainly has more...)

Indefinite Listing Privilege Program (ILP): The program that provides purebred dogs a second chance.
There are various reasons why a purebred dog might not be eligible for registration. The dog may be the product of an unregistered litter, or have unregistered parents. The dog's papers may have been withheld by its breeder or lost by its owner. Sometimes, it is the dog itself that was "lost." There are many dogs enrolled in the ILP program after they have been surrendered or abandoned, then adopted by new owners from animal shelters or purebred rescue groups. The ILP program allows the dog and owner a second chance at discovering the rewards of participating in AKC events.

What AKC events may an ILP dog Participate in?
The Indefinite Listing Privilege Program (ILP) is designed to allow dogs to participate in AKC Companion and Performance Events. The AKC Events that an ILP dog can participate in are:

  • Agility Trials (All Breeds) 
  • Earthdog Trials (Small Terriers and Dachshunds) 
  • Herding Tests and Trials ( Herding Breeds, Rottweilers and Samoyeds)
  • Hunt Tests (Most Sporting Breeds and Standard Poodles)
  • Junior Showmanship (All Breeds) 
  • Lure Coursing (Sighthounds) 
  • Obedience Trials (All Breeds) 
  • Rally Trials (All Breeds) 
  • Tracking Tests (All Breeds) 

(from the AKC.ORG website: http://www.akc.org/reg/ilpex.cfm)

By the way, Libby Lu has passed her Therapy Dog Test. 



Bryan Jones!

Where are you now?


"Libby Lu passed the CGC or Canine Good Citizen last night with flying colors! Yeah Libby!!! Monday she will be tested for the Therapy Dog Test so we're hoping she passes and can start visiting soon. We are also in the process of getting her an ILP # from the AKC so we can keep on competing with her. Hope you are well. I wanted to come for a visit but I can't see those cute puppies or I'd have to bring one home."

 Libby Lu is the daughter of Tigrrr Lyn & Dante.  We are very proud of her.  She is a wonderful Chihuahua!



Looking for:
Connie Thornton (perhaps Hodge),
Ashley Pick ,
Phillip Bec,

 If you know any of these persons, tell them to contact their Chihuahua breeder!


Okie dokie... so here's a contest of sorts...

The puppies are going to start going home...

If you are the first to guess which puppy went home first today, I'll send you a $25 gift certificate to use at the Chihuahua-Land store.

Send your guess to:  (it's over..you can quit guessing now...)
Your email must have
1. The puppy's name (as shown on the website)
2. Your name.
3. The city (and state) that you live in.
4. Probably your phone number, but that's not required.
5. Optionally, information about a local After-Hours Emergency Vet Clinic (for a chance of an extra $20)

Here's the rules:

  • The clock starts 1 hour after the puppy leaves; first correct guess after that time wins!
  • Puppies do not go home everyday... Watch the puppycam and try and figure it out.
  • The contest is over when I decide... or when all the puppies have gone to their new homes.
  • You can send in as many guesses as you wish, but a ANY guess, right or wrong, within 45 minutes prior would disqualify you.
  • Friends and family of the puppy's new owner are disqualified for 24 hours.
  • I decide who is the winner and my decision is final.
  • No fair calling and asking me about dates and time or other sneaky tricks!
  • Anybody confused by these rules is probably disqualified too... just kidding... we'll do our best to be fair picking a winner.
If you send in information of a Full Service emergency Vet (after hours Vet), not a full service Vet, but rather, a Clinic or Vet that is open after most other Vets have closed for the evening with your correct guess, you will get an extra $20 on your gift certificate. It has to be "new" listing and preferably in your area, but that's not a requirement... so using the yellow pages will work, but, it must be an after-hours emergency vet! Clinic name, phone number, address. Which is to say, if you're going to send in more than one guess... each guess should include a new listing, otherwise... no extra $20.

* I will send $5 gift certificates to ten entries that send Emergency Vet information, chosen at random.


As breeders we see new life all of the time. We fight and win against death so often, that we sometimes feel that we are impervious.

It is with a heavy heart that I report that “Two” (Romeo Romance II) died as a results of an accident yesterday evening. Running and playing one minute, then a cry. He died almost instantly as a result of a head injury.

It’s still unbelievable… a bad dream… a nightmare. We’re still numb to the tragedy.

This weekend… today… take time to give those that you love a hug, be it human or animal.

“Two” will be laid to rest in the “Birdie Memorial Garden” in our yard.

We will be sending a donation to the University of Illinois’ “Companion Animal Memorial Fund”. We encourage this as an expression of sympathy for the loss of a pet.

“The Companion Animal Memorial Fund at the University of Illinois College of Veterinary Medicine was established to help veterinarians take an active role in expressing compassion by memorializing clients' pets and at the same time contributing to research that benefits other companion animals. As animal owners became aware of this program, its use has spread beyond the participating veterinarians. In addition to research support, smaller amounts of funding from the program have been used to support innovative teaching and service efforts at the college.”

We miss you Two, you and your stupid little tongue. You were a good dog.

4/9/2006:Here's something I thought I would share:

from Bridget in Noble, OK:
I just have to share this with you..I recently got my very first chi..she is adorable. I've had quite a few dogs in my life (I'm 52) but this little girl is amazing. I recently became disabled and lost 75% of my sight, so she is a blessing.. anyway, back to the point..since i got her, I've been reading everything I could to find out all I could about these little dogs. As a matter of fact, I do have Chi's for Dummies..but what I thought was really neat is that my 8 yr old granddaughter checked a book out of her school library and brought it home to me. I was looking at your site and noticed that the childs book was the same one sitting right here on my desk! So, the book has made it to Noble, OK Public Schools! Anyway, thought it was neat. You do have some beautiful dogs. Have a great day.

That is sooooo cool for us.
Best wishes,
Brian and Dawn

A great children's book... and it just so happens that
ALL of the Chihuahuas pictured in this book are

That's Zora on the cover!

4/8/2006:You may have waited too long... maybe...
"Red" has a new price. If you've already emailed (before 4/8/06), then I'll honor previous price. Red will likely be small too... for those of you watching the website closely, you may have noticed that I bungled the "Sienna" photos... I posted three new photos of Sienna... Hey! Wait a minute... Sienna doesn't have a stripe on her forehead! Oops... wrong puppy. Between Ice and Crystal AND Sienna and Red, I can't tell those puppies apart... Atleast Red has a peepee... but sometimes you're not looking there. Oh well, It was late, I was in a hurry and "oops". Thanks Mimi for the tipoff.


Sienna still available! ... and to answer your next question, she is at 12oz.

I guess I was overzealous marking her "sold"... anyways, that's all settled now... Your good fortune!

All the Chihuahua puppies are doing great. Crystal (or is it Ice?), Sienna & Red keep "walking" through the bars of the puppy cage. While I'd say that everybody's using the litterbox... a mysterious nighttime "present" is out in front of the cage each morning... and none of those Chihuahua puppies are taking credit. I keep getting a lot of "What? Who, me? I can believe you'd think I'd do that!" stares...

We use crystal cat litter for "litter training" our puppies. There is nothing better than getting a Chihuahua puppy that "knows" where to go potty! You CAN train an older Chihuahua to use litter, but it can take a while... Remember, potty training is scheduling, praise, monitoring. While small Chihuahuas may need food down all of the time, most Chihuahuas can easily tolerate feeding on a schedule two (or three) times be day. Your Chihuahua will likely need to eliminate 5-15 minutes after eating. Your Chihuahua will likely need to pee ANYTIME it wakes up. Use these events to plan your potty training. If you can't watch your Chihuahua, use the crate... but be reasonable! A young Chihuahua should be able to hold its water for 3-4 hours... and adult should be able to "hold it" for 6-8 hours... True, some Chihuahuas don't...

Do it! Do it now! Seriously, why are you still reading this? Hey! Knock it off... go check out those beds, perhaps there will be more to read when you get back...


Four and Five week old puppies are great. Okay, puppies at any age are great, but, at four and five weeks they're just "waking up". They're just learning how to play; how to swat your brother; how to give little kisses. It's just great!

It is soooooo much fun to have a passel of puppies. You guys must be soooooo jealous! Haha... too bad... MY PUPPIES... at least for now.

Just to let you know there are some new pics... y'all get to see my pant legs and socks... lucky you!

Everybody is doing great. They're all eating well. They've actually started eating whole food already... They are using their litter box... mostly. By the way, I get asked about the litter often. We experimented with everything... and if you haven't figured it out yet, I have opinions about EVERYTHING... atleast, everything Chihuahua... and everything "computer"... but that's another story... oh, and everything "website", but I digress... anyways, we use "Crystal" cat litter. It's been the easiest, most sanitary, least "issues" product that we've found. I know that some will disagree... but, I'm sorry... you're wrong.

The "Birth announcements" went out over the weekend... but, I'm sure you already know that... I'm sure you've got it framed... in a gold frame... a nice one... and hanging in a place of distinction... either that, or you've hit the delete button...

I got and email back from the Purina guy (Asst Brand Manager) about their "Dog litter". I sent him back a nice note. Perhaps he'll call... (i don't use their product).

I got lots of very nice emails back. Thank you all. I love to here from you. I am often slow to respond... 'cause the emails come in faster than I can type (hunt and peck)... but, I'll try to get to yours.

That's all for now.

Happy Friday Everyone!  test

2/21/2006:And... to fill in some blanks...

We do know that Dental care for your Chihuahua is very important. Many Chihuahuas develop tartar very quickly. Dental problems can be very serious, up to and including that dental bacteria can damage heart valves. So it's not JUST about bad breath!

There are valid reasons to pursue a method of dental hygiene.

2/21/2006:We received some emails about Greenies recently and I just thought I would share...
KIRO-TV in Seattle ran an investigative story about dogs suffering from intestinal blockage as a result of eating Greenies whole. Some of these dogs died.

As a dog owner, a Chihuahua owner, and a guy with a very popular Chihuahua website, I read a lot of information; I am sent a lot of information. Some of which I vehemently disagree with. Some of which while not harmful is not helpful either. Some of which is very informative and useful. Some of which requires further investigation.

In regards to the Greenies issue, at this moment, I’m investigating.

Today, I’ve written several emails to folks that should be able to express a professional unbiased opinion about Greenies. More importantly, Chihuahuas and Greenies, as the issues may only be “size-of-the-dog and size-of-the-greenie” specific. I’ll keep you informed of the results.

As far as immediate concerns, I have none. Today, I would have no hesitations to giving any of my Chihuahuas a Greenie.

2/3/2006:The first Chi to have been registered at the American K.C. was "Midget" in 1904, owned by a Mr Raynor of Texas. The first champion Chi in America was "Beppie" owned by Mrs McLean, of New Jersey.

I've got an appointment setup for Trick on Saturday, but with all of the email that I've received, I'm afraid I'm loosing track of who is still interested in TREAT... or TRICK for that matter... 'cause, well you never know...

So if you're still interested in TREAT... send me ANOTHER EMAIL... pronto... and I check who asked first, ect... and be fair... etc... and I'll do my best to let y'all know what's going on.


2/2/2006:Did someone say "Corned Beef Sandwich"?

I'm sure I heard you...

On Jefferson, just north of Roosevelt, Just east of the Dan Ryan

2/2/2006:Truffle's puppies start weaning today!

It's going to be messy for the next few days...

I'm still looking for C. Thornton formerly of Columbus, GA... Chihauahau named: Ariel... If you know her, tell her to contact me.

Senator Rogers Kelley, of Edinburg, Texas, was so enamoured of the Chihuahua that he proposed in 1948 to introduce a resolution at a session of the State Legislature to make the Chihuahua the official dog of Texas. Said the senator: "Sure it came from Mexico, but so did Texas".




1/29/2006:Woohoo!!! I found missing Chihuahua owner, C. Hoffman!!! I got updated photos of their Chihuahua, Madison. I’ll be placing photos in the “2005 Photos”… Jeez, I’ve got to start the 2006 Photos…

If you move or change Internet Service Providers, please send an update email address to us too!

As I'm sure you some of you know, we are nutty about staying in touch with our Chihuahua parents. Last year, we had two get-togethers at the house... each time, about 60-70 humans and about 30-40 Chihuahuas. It's always a great time for everybody. We're proud that are Chihuahuas owners (and their Chihuahuas) are so sociable. It gives new owners a chance to see their Chihuahuas’ older brothers and sisters. We get to see the rescued Chihuahuas that we’ve placed. We REALLY appreciate you guys taking the time to visit.

It’s a brand new year! Time for updated photos!

I’m looking for C. Thornton of Georgia… Chihuahua name: Ariel…
She’s moved and I’m trying to relocate her.
Jeez… I’m a Chihuahua stalker…

1/27/2006:If you didn't get the last Birth Annoucement... it's not 'cause I didn't try! about 7000 emails went out... If you want future annoucements, send in your contact info via the website... or send me an email. Likewise, if you don't want future announcements... let me know that too... but who doesn't want to watch Puppycam??? Here's the last Birth Announcement/Newsletter:

The BIG news is: Truffle had two beautiful boys on January 3rd, so they’re just over three weeks old. Truffle and her puppies can be seen on the Puppycam daily. Trick is tan with black sable; Treat is Chocolate. Best guess is that Trick will be smoothcoat and Treat is definitely a longcoat.
Price: $700.
There should be photos on the Puppy Page by the time you read this...

Our Chihuahua Store has many Chihuahua specific items. Please check us out.
Everything has been Chihuahua-Tested… Our Chihuahuas LOVE this stuff! The prices are competitive (as far as I can tell, we have the BEST price on this brand of stuffed toys... These stuffed toys do not have hard plastic pieces). The Greenies are a must for your Chihuahuas' dental health... and these are the teenie-greenies... The PERFECT size for a Chihuahua. Also, we've been selling out of the Washable Peepads... it's been tough to know how many (and which size) to stock... If you're interested, email me. Have you seen that PAWPRINT CHIHUAHUA CARRIER???... It's sooooo cute. AND... the Leopard Bed & the Furry Bed... CHIHUAHUAS LOVE THESE BEDS!!!The Chihuahua Store also has stuff for Humans! We've recently added the Purses, Backpacks and Wallets. Each has a full color Chihuahua picture with Rhinestone detailing. The Purse have a zippered pocket and a Cell Phone/Keys pocket. Magnetic Closure. The Wallets have a zippered change area, 3 pockets, a windowed Drivers License slot, and 11 credit card slots. This is a great gift to yourself (or another Chihuahua Lover!)

The PUPPYCAM is back online... mostly... It's a new wireless webcam... very cool... but... I've got to work the kinks outs...

Apologies for any slow response to your email. We don’t have puppies during the holidays, so we focus on our own Chihuahuas (and families).

For those looking for Chihuahua adults: Daisy, Dove, Breen are available. All are very nice, healthy, and spayed.

In regards to shipping… we don’t. If you’re from out of the Chicago region, consider a roundtrip ticket to O’hare (ORD) or Midway (MDW). It’s about the same cost as shipping and, as far as we’re concerned, much easier on the puppy.

We at Chihuahua-Land.com hope you enjoy receiving these notifications. If future emails are not desired, just let me know. If you're thinking, "Hey, I didn't ask for no Chihuahua email. How did they get my address??", the most likely answer is that someone we know in common sent out an email and copied a bunch of people including you and Chihuahua-Land.com... from there the email "collection" process I use simply collected your email address too. If this is the case, I apologize for the intrusion.

1/9/2006:Sad news Today.
We mourn the sudden passing of Sara.
She had lived a hard life before she came to us. Her new owner gave her much love and care. Goodbye sweet puppy.

10/19/2005:Looking for C. Hoffman formerly of Rockford, Illinois.

You owe us photos!

... and an updated email address...


10/14/2005:I pulled into the parking lot of a shopping center and rolled down the windows so my pup had fresh air.

She was lying in the back and I wanted to impress upon her that she must stay in the car. So as I walked away, I pointed my finger, saying, "You stay there. Do you hear me?"

"Stay! Stay!" I repeated.

The driver of a nearby car gave me a strange look and said, "Why don't you just put it in park?"

10/8/2005:The last puppies of this year are all leaving this weekend. It is sad to think, no more births until February. Gnat and Two will be making their fatherly debuts at that time!
I guess it all works out, tho. Holiday time is stressful enough all on its own!
Fun Event coming up! Don't forget our CHIHUAHUA PARTY on OCT.22 for all our puppies and their families. If you are a Chihuahua Land puppy owner and have not received your invitation (email), let us know. Don't forget to RSVP. We can't wait to see everyone. there will be food, prizes, fun, and a chance to meet your Chi brothers, sisters, and parents. Cross your fingers that the weather will be good!

10/6/2005:One day, Mrs. Smith's dishwasher quit working. She calls a repairman and tells him, "Let yourself in to fix this. My bulldog won't bother you. But, do NOT, under ANY circumstances, talk to my parrot!"

The repairman arrives and finds a huge, mean-looking bulldog. As promised, the dog leaves him alone.

But the parrot drives him nuts with constant yelling, cursing, and name-calling. Finally, the repairman can't contain himself and yells, "Shut up, you stupid bird!"

To which the parrot replies, "Get him, Spike!"

9/12/2005:I've heard my mother ponder the question:
"How many Angels can dance on the head of a pin?"

but, while strolling through the grocery store, I wonder:
"How many Chihuahuas have to be milked to make a pound of Chihuahua Cheese???"


Our Hercules is MR. MARCH!Our Luna is Ms. JanuaryOur Sterling is Mr. August


"Meat flavored"... I don't get it???

8/5/2005:Chihuahua puppies are such fun! Or do you say Chiwawa?

I finally found the camera... I had lost it... Well not so much lost it as hung it up in plain sight... It took me days to find it. Anyways... puttin' up some new photos today... some Chihuahua puppy photos.... some adult Chihuahua photos... so take a look around the website...

I told Dawn I was gonna take one of those campy "Chihuahua in a teacup" photos... but alas no one would sit still long enough...

For a bunch of Chihuahuas that all looked the same they sure are different. That Peter is a cuddle bug... and Greg is a kisser... Little Bobbie thinks he is so tough.

Chicago, Illinois... Chicagoland... I sure do like it here.

Anybody need any Zucchini or Cucumbers... or Tomatoes... omg.

... and if you're reading this... and haven't added the
Emergency Vet Info to the list: shame on you! It something you can do easily to help your neighbors and possibly save a Chihuahuas (or other dogs) life. Do it! Do it Now!

Birth announcement coming soon... If you want one, let me know… If you don’t want one, let me know!

8/4/2005:Hercules is such a puppy... he grabs my belt while I'm trying to get ready and pulls it onto the bed... he the proceeds to lay on his back and wiggle on it... then he grabs it again and tugs and tosses it... then he "pretend" chews on it... the he wiggles on it again... I can see in his eyes that he wants me to play with him... Hercules is such a puppy. What a knucklehead... I've got to get going!...

Hercules is 11 years old this month.

I love all of my Chihuahuas... but... Hercules, I suppose, is my favorite. Happy Birthday old man.

8/3/2005:Sad news today.
We mourn the passing of a brave little Chihuahua.
We extend our sympathies to his devoted, adopted parents.

Brian & Dawn

8/2/2005:Most days I guess I don't think about it much, but then something stirs a memory and it makes me sad... happy too... but sad.

Meena has found a new home with a lovely young lady. When I called to "check up" on them, her and Meena were just about to sit down and watch a movie... that's nice... isn't that nice?
I couldn't be happier! Sad too, but happy.

Cinder has a new home with the Dean of a Wisconsin college. That Cinder... she's going to be SOOOOO smart. I miss Cinder... and yes, I know that bunches of y'all wanted Cinder, so I suppose we're all collectively sad... but Cinder (and her new mom) are very happy.

I'm taking Diggler to get his Certified Health Certificate today... Diggy is going to Canada. He's going to be their new stud dog... not Canada's, the new owner's... although, Diggler would like the larger challenge too!

Oh well... I gonna be late for my Vet appointment, so I better get going...


8/1/2005:Bobbie finally hit one pound today! Seven weeks old... he's a little bit. Truthfully, he's only 15 7/8oz... but who's counting???


Thank you to everyone for the well wishes to Dawn!

4/2/2005:...March has been !!!

I know that a lot of you have sent emails and are still waiting for a reply. Dawn, who normally answers the email, was injured in an auto accident early in the month. She's been sore... and on medication... so replies to emails have been put on hold...

Most of Ginger's puppies have gone to their new homes. Valarius, Libby Lu and Lewie are going on the 9th. Valarius is just over a one pound... and what a pistol! "Valarius the Hilarious"

I'll fill everybody in on the "Precious Pups" aka Rent-a-Dog conversations...

Somebody stole one of our photos as is using it to sell Chihuahuas! ...more to follow...

That's all for now.

3/6/2005:... Next litter due on April 4th. Maddie/Sterling. First litter for Maddie. Longcoats...

2/26/2005:I add stuff to the FAQ page from time-to-time.

You can recommend questions... try to keep them about chihuahuas.


2/22/2005:Yesterday morning I was up first. I felt better... still a lot of junk in my lungs... I made a cup of tea... "Winter Blend"... similar to Bigelow's "Constant Comment"... very good... warm... orangy... spicy... good...
I grabbed the throw and laid in the recliner... I was joined by Hercules... 'cause we're sorta joined at the hip... my wife says I let him get away with stuff... I say he's just got his "ways"...
and then Dove joined us... she still a puppy... but settling down... very sweet... loving... like her Mom (Cheyenne)... Dove knows better than to lay on top of Hercules... she's low of the totum pole... she gives me a kiss... but knows I don't like dogs by my face and lays on my hip...
up bounces Sachi... she's the same age as Dove... but still just a P U P P Y... she's slender and long and boneless... like a chihuahua-snake... too much tongue in my face... sachi! settle down... lay nice... she lays down but can't quite lay still... too many things to investigate...
then Maddie... Maddie is red... and proud... with a full sickle tail... Sachi. Settle down... Maddie is the one the has to give you a kiss right up-in-your-face... with a smile... which to a human can appear to be a snarl... there's always that moment of "please, let me keep my nose"... Maddie finds a space on my lap.
Then Meena... Meena is my girl "rugby" chihuahua... tough and stocky... but a big heart. Beautiful blond eyes... She's always so submissive to all the dogs... you know she kick anyone's ass... Hercules has taken the space between me and the side of the recliner... Meena has kinda taken the space on top of him... The corrective Grrr's from Lord Hercules go unnoticed...
Then Scarlett... petite and sweet... little Scarlett, the doll... Sachi! Settle down.... a delicate porcelain Chihuahua statue come to life. Scarlett sneaks a kiss then burrows under the throw...
Cinder... jumps up... finds a space on top on the heap... curls up like a pretzel... sleep... Cinder is as black as midnight... when she's all curled up, you can't hardly find the seams...
Then India... the mouse... another one that flicks her tongue to kiss... she curls her lip too, so you're always a little unsure of what's about to happen... the ZAP... she licks your brain through your nostril... India tries to lay still but those back legs just have to move... she lays down... spins in a circle... three times... rolls around a bit... then ZAP... another brain cleaning... then off to investigate the house...
OKAY... everybody off... I gotta go check on puppies...

2/19/2005:We are back!!
...not that we were gone...
The FLU bug has been running things around here for the last week or so. We are extremely behind on emails, rather phone calls, and will try to make some phone calls today. please don't hesitate to send a second email to be heard. This FLU is nasty.

Puppies are here! We have a group of real beauties! Ginger and Truffle's pups have their eyes open and are scooting around. Tozi has been up on all fours. Ginger's pups are starting to show alot of tan in their black areas. Tigrrr Lyn had the longest labor we've ever had. The fruits of her labor are 2 gorgeous pups.

Just a note for all of those wanabee chihuahua breeders: A c-section at the emergency vet: $1500 (as in, $1500 before you leave). I know 'cause I asked. I know where my emergency vet is... do you? That's a lot of money isn't it???

There was a front page article in the Chicago Tribune: "Killer Disease returns to stalk dogs". Epidemic outbreaks of canine distemper in Los Angeles, Pheonix, Atlanta, Dallas, Miami, Washington. Canine distemper is incurable. Canine distemper is a horrible way to die. PLEASE VACCINATE YOUR DOG! Just 'cause your dog doesn't go outside, doesn't mean it won't contract a horrific disease. Vaccinate. Vaccinate.

1/20/2005:This is a pretty typical IM chat:

[10:18] MSN: I am interested in gettin a chihuahua and I was wondering whether there is such a thing as a tea cup that will only weight 2 punds full grow... I've seen web pages were they say they sell them but also have seen some that say it's a lie and they only want you to pay more

[14:20] chihuahualand: 2lb adult chihuahuas do exist.

[14:21] chihuahualand: the "lie" is the word "teacup"... there are no standards to descriptions for chihuahua size... thus everything is teacup... or nothing is teacup...

[14:21] chihuahualand: tellng you that I sell "teacup, pocket size tiny chihuahuas" is a lot more exciting than saying "I sell normal size chihuahuas". Generally because, if you're asking, you have no idea what a "normal" chihuahua looks like...

[14:23] chihuahualand: 2lb dogs are difficult to keep alive... ask your Vet: "small things die"... this is to say, if you don't know what your getting in to, you'd be foolish to spend $600, $1000 or $2500 for a dog that might: die, grow bigger than 2lb, suffer from a medical condition that explains its small size.

[14:24] chihuahualand: ... but this is a VERY GENERAL statement... many small chihuahuas live long, healthy lives...

12/31/2004:Happy New Years Eve!

Hurray for us! This is the single most popular Chihuahua breeder website on the internet.

Of course, that involves 6,016 folks using "chiwawa" 6,016 times to find us (or is that 6,016 folks using chiwawa one time or one person using chiwawa 6016 times... i don't know).

... and don't get me started on teacup, pocket, t-cup, tcup, tiny-tiny, etc., etc., etc...

"I would like to buy a teacup chihuahuas"
"looking for a apple head tee cup new born. that wont be more then 1.5 pounds total growth.and a female"
"Iam looking for a very tiny teacup chihuahua"
"we need a pocket a chihuahua"

just a few samples... ugh. This is not meant to ridicule anyone. Most folks know, I still talk to you about chihuahuas even if it's just to educate you about the "teacup myth".

Consider this:
A normal size Chihuahua, 4 to 6 pounds is about the lowest maintenance dog on the planet... those small ones... they can be a lot of work. Sure, they're cute.... but they're also fragile.

Another topic:
Did you use Proheart heartworm (the six month injection)? If so, I'd be curious on your comments. I didn't have any problems with ProHeart. We liked the stuff.

12/25/2004:Merry Christmas.
Actually I didn't write this on Christmas... I didn't have time... and I'm sure I would have been yelled at... well, not yelled at... that other thing your wife does thats not yelling so much as "lovespeak with attitude"... for playing on the computer.

Anyways, I hope you and yours (and your Chihuahua... or Chihuahuas) had a wonderful holiday even if you didn't (or don't) focus on December 25th. Happy happy to everyone... especially the Chihuahuas!

I prefer long hair Chihuahuas. Long hair, long haired, long coat, long coated... I like 'em all. The smoothcoats are fine... but me, I like the long hairs.
(just in case you're curious)

Lots of new stuff around the house... candy, chocolate, extension cords, glass ornaments, mistletoe, plants moved indoors... some of these things can be deadly to your Chihuahua... and you're busy with holiday things... Guess what I'm going to say: "If you don't have time to watch your Chihuahua, put your Chihuahua in its crate/pen/bed". Dogs and puppies are all about routine. This holiday stuff, while exciting, is not good for your Chihuahua. Chihuahuas like simple things... mostly for you to sit on the couch so they have something warm to lay on... otherwise put your Chihuahua out of harms way!!!

12/20/2004:It has been cold in Chicago, IL this week. Illinois can be a little "grey" (or is it "gray") this time of year.

Protect your Chihuahuas feet from the cold and the salt!

We continue with letting our Chihuahuas go outside to go potty... both Smoothcoats and long hairs, but you have to be sensible for them... don't let your Chihuahua play around too much outside with these low low wind chills... I use myself as a guideline... i have to go outside to open the gate in the morning... i'm often bare (or stocking) - footed... when it's too cold for me to be hopping around, i scoot the Chihuahaus all back inside.

12/20/2004:Roman went home to his new parents yesterday... I miss him and his stupid tongue...

I know he'll be happy.

12/18/2004:Fluffy went home to a very nice college student. Now Rusty is all alone... not really... I'm gonna let Rusty play with our new puppies, Dove, Cinder, Sachi. They'll keep him busy.

A chihuahua is a nice companion for a college student. While it may seem to most parents that it is all about the partying and whatnot... and sometimes classes... College living can be very lonely.

I'll admit my aprehensions when my son took his Chihuahua, Zeus, to live in the apartment at school. But it turned out good for both of them, teaching my son to be a little more responsible and giving Zeus a lot of one to one attention (and a lot on many to one attention). Girls love puppies... and small dogs... a fact not lost on the young man...

I have been very proud of the young college men and women that have adopted Chihuahuas from us. They have all been great parents to their Chihuahuas. And what better socialization could a chihuahua have?

I just was thinking about this.

My son just purchased his first house... and Zeus is there... still the king of his castle!


12/8/2004:SNL (Saturday Night Live) sometime in 2000, host Julianna Margulies (I just saw the replay on E!)... two words... Litter Critters!
'nuf said... if you know what I'm referring to then you'll have a good chuckle otherwise you're just skipping to the next paragraph.

It's getting cold here in Chicagoland! Your Chihuahua needs to be protected from the change in weather. Smoothcoat Chihuahuas sometimes get dry skin... Vitamin E supplements, such as Derm Caps may help. Long coat Chihuahuas do better in the cold, but watch for snow, ice and salt on their paws. Yes, salt... it can be irritating to the skin.

And by all means... protect your Chihuahua from ANTIFREEZE!

Small amounts, licked up from the driveway or garage, can be fatal. There is virtually nothing that can be done to save a dog from Antifreeze poisoning.

Remember, during the Winter, the air is very dry and your Chihuahua will be thirsty... a small green puddle may be very tempting.

If you suspect Anitfreeze poisoning, don't wait... get to the Vet ASAP!

12/5/2004:OKAY!... I just cleaned that puppy pen! Those rascals are messy! Puppies do tend to drag the litter out of the box... so do cats... but puppies are better at it

Hope you all had a good holiday! ... and are looking forward to the rest of the season!

We've been busy, so sometimes we're slow on the email response. If you're still interested, it's okay to email a second time... we're not offended... actually, we like to hear for you.


... more to follow... gotta go to Batavia to pickup somethin' or other... bye for now.

11/25/2004:Happy Thanksgiving!

Call your local Shelter... ask them what they need... make a donation of an item, money or time. Remember ALL of those less fortunate than you.


... are you thinkin' that perhaps I didn't answer your email 'cause you did not take the time to get me this information??? Think about it... take the time... help me... help your neighbors... help yourself... help your dog!

11/23/2004:Whew... two weeks go by (bye) very quickly!

Sonya went home locally, Thor went to Texas, Ada went to Wisconsin.

Belle (Southern Belle) is still here 'til December. This gives the Puppycam viewers something to watch...

Belle's pretty darn clever!
I blocked off the play area with the cage door... rather several of them... I wedge one door between the fence and the futon and hang the other door on that one... anyways... it blocks off the vinyl flooring area from the carpet area... a nice play area for the puppies (puppy in this case)... and I can go do other stuff in the house.
So I walk back into the room... and Belle's on the futon??? Wiggling and dancing and just plain happy to see me... I'm feeling guilty 'cause I must have left her there by accident... I play with her awhile and put her back in the play area... I leave... I come back... and Belle's back up on the futon???

Well... Belle can climb up the 18" door and jump onto futon... hard to believe? We watched her do it...

Okay... well that seems unsafe... so today I leave the gate off... Belle has the run of the room... she's been real good, so I think this will be okay... so I leave to go do other things...

So I check on Belle... and that darn dog is back up on the futon!!! Wiggling and dancing and happy as a loon! That little pup can't reach the futon seat standing up! So I put her on the floor and I climb on the futon... 'cause I have to see how she is doing this... well... somehow, if you're little (and squirmy) you can go behind the futon to the back right corner and wiggle your way up between the cushion and the frame.

We've never had a puppy clever enough to do this... most of 'em just bounce up and down for you to pick them up... I think Belle's new parents are going to have their hands full!

11/14/2004:I setup a PHONELIST page. Please fill in any EMERGENCY VET CLINICS that you know of in these United States.

I am RED CROSS Certified in Pet First Aid & CPR... are you?

... the Tidy Cats Crystals look really terrible on the webcam... it's those BLUE crystals... yuck.

11/13/2004:I setup a PHONELIST page. Please fill in any EMERGENCY VET CLINICS that you know of in these United States.

I am RED CROSS Certified in Pet First Aid & CPR... are you?

... the Tidy Cats Crystals look really terrible on the webcam... it's those BLUE crystals... yuck.

11/11/2004:No emails about the book yet... Well, you know Zora and Sterling are in it... me too... and a wolf... but who else???

Aren't you curious?

... and for a limited time my autograph will be free! ... I think Sterling is charging... fame has gone to his head! ...but he is VERY talented... wink wink.

11/11/2004:Lots of webcam photos of the Fiestaware (the yellow plate)!
The puppies on the webcam are just about ready to go home. They're amazing... even this young and they keep their playarea clean. Aside from a few accidents, our Chihuahua puppies will make a distinct effort to climb back into the cage to use their litterbox! Not a small effort for these little ones. Such good puppies... and happy too... Thor and Ada love to "spin"... they're sooooo excited to have attention.

I really like this Tidy Cats Crystals litter. It absorbs great, is EASY to rake, and not too expensive. Thanks to Jeremy for the tip. Normally I go for the cheap stuff... well, 'cause they're just going to poop on it... but this is great stuff.

I've heard of some widely different prices depending on where you purchase... where did you find the best deal?

I'm still goofing around with the "Available Adults" page... It's almost done... check it out! Photography is truly an art form... or something... if Chihuahua just didn't think that a camera was a weapon.

11/10/2004:Chihuahua Book
Available on Amazon
That's our Zora on the cover!
The entire book, albiet 20 pages, is our Chihuahuas... and me... and a picture of a wolf... compared to Sterling... very KEWL!

11/9/2004:a brand new LINK PAGE

10/30/2004:I can't wait to share what we think is the COOL-EST THING...

more to follow...

... time to make the doughnuts... oops, I mean feed the puppies.

10/29/2004:Tidy Cats Crystals Cat Litter
Tidy Cats Crystals Cat Litter

10/29/2004:Happy Friday (or rather Thank God it's Friday!)

Hey! If you have a dog allergies or asthma, I'd like to hear about your experiences with Chihuahuas. Post in the guestbook.

FYI: no puppies available at this time. Ginger and Tigrrr are next... look for puppies after the first of the year!

oops... time to feed the puppies!

and... best price on Nutro Max Mini Chunk: PetSmart $23.99 with $3.00 off for using the PetPerks card... I get an extra $3.00 off 'cause I'm special ...and I'm thinkin' I like this Tidy Cat Crystal stuff... nice sized crystals...

Tell the world about your Chihuahua... post in the Guestbook!

10/28/2004:Okay... here's the secret to potty training:
"Not too much freedom too quickly"

If you don't have time to watch your puppy, put it in its crate.

Make sure you get to your puppy on a regular schedule (as in watch the time). Be consistent. Be positive. Your puppy loves your attention and wants to please you. Do your best to ignore negative behavior... reinforce positive behavior.

Crate training isn't a "forever" thing, but trying to shortcut the process can result in setbacks.

10/27/2004:And for those keeping score...

Lacey's pups are using the litter box!
and they're under 5 weeks old!
Happy Birthday tomorrow!

10/27/2004:What is the best Chihuahua fun? a toilet paper roll tube...
What is better Chihuahua fun? a cardboard box...
What is the best Chihuahua fun? Slippers!

Despite rumors to the contrary, Swiffer WetJet is safe around pets

10/25/2004:So... Lacey's puppies think they're so smart... they're doing all kinds of clever things to avoid using the litter! Bet you'd never have thought that poo could be amusing! Let me just say they're keeping their sleeping area spotless... Well little Chihuahua puppies... I'm pretty clever too... betcha by the end of the week they're using the litter box like pro's.

10/24/2004:Happy Sunday again!
Hardly seems like two weeks since I posted... I'm so bad...
Lacey's puppies have started weaning. Autumn, now Sonya, found her voice... she loves to bark at me in the morning.

Lots of questions lately.
* Yes, we do believe in annual vaccinations for your Chihuahua. We believe that the websites that are portraying vaccinations as a scam by "the big drug corporations" are idiotic. They're using false science to build their argument thus complete lies.
* We don't give our dogs the "Adult" shot. The Adult shot contains a vaccine for various Leptospira ("Lepto") and many toy breeds have a severe allergic reaction to this vaccine... but, we did ask the Vet FIRST before making this decision. It's a Risk-Benefit thing.
* It's OKAY to wait at the Vet's office for a while (perhaps 1/2 hour) after a vaccination... allergic reactions are scary...
* Vaccines only come in one size. It doesn't matter if your dog is 2 lbs or 100 lbs... There are some feelings that using a 1/2 dose on "small" chihuahuas (under 2-3 lbs) might be safer than a full dose... discuss with your Vet. As with most things controlled by the FDA, there are no studies to support this premise... So it is very possible that this might be a bad idea... we don't want anyones dog getting ill from otherwise preventable diseases... so DISCUSS WITH YOUR VET, FIRST!

10/10/2004:Happy Sunday!
It's a beautiful day! I love Chicagoland in the Fall and Spring... Winter is okay too... Summer... when it's not ninety something...

Shasta and King got to play outside today. All tired out, they are taking a good nap... wish I was too!

Remember!!! It's VERY important to socialize a Chihuahua, especially during that first year. It's easy to forget... you come home after work, your puppy is happy and playful and everything seems great... then the holidays come and your household fills up with strangers! Your poor little Chihuahua isn't prepared... Take your Chihuahua PUPPY to the park... to PetSmart... to the Inlaws... Just Do It!

10/7/2004:Good Evening!
Lot's of things happened in the last week (or so)...

*Daisy's puppies started going to their new homes.

*Cheyenne's puppies got their first vaccination today. All are doing great!

*We added a beautiful Tan w/black Brindle Chihuahua girl to our family. Her name is Spicy Sachi. Thank you Vickie!!

9/24/2004:Shoot! I had a Chihuahua Blog before I knew what a Blog was... I'm so hip that I can hardly stand it!

A few folks have noticed "King". King is the beautiful silver puppy that was in with Cheyenne's litter during the day... you may have noticed that there were seven puppies (in a six puppy litter) on the screen.

King is a proud son of India and Dante. We didn't put him on the web page because we are still wrestling with our decision to offer him for adoption.

By the way, do y'all read the FAQ's? Some of you should...

9/23/2004:Good Morning!
#1) Lacey had puppies last night (4:30a... is that this morning?). 3 girls and a boy. Very pretty.
#2) I try to keep the webcam in focus... really...
#3) Cheyenne's puppies started weaning...
... more to follow...


We found these cute little Chihuahua books. They're like a "baby book" for your new Chihuahua puppy, including 4 Announcement Postcards. Lots of darling photos and some good advice too! We're selling for $1 less shipping than Amazon!

9/19/2004:Oddly enough, on MSN, Chihuahua-land is searchable using: "pictures of very long hair girls".

Just thought you might want to know...

Other interesting searchs:
"Red Reindeer Chihuahua"
"dogs Mexican chiwawa"

After thought... the person searching for "pictures of very long hair girls" actually clicked into Chihuahua-land.com... somehow that seems like a cry for help.

9/18/2004:You folks is goofy... Guy is about as cute as puppies get! I can't believe that all of the interest is focused on Shasta. What's your guess??? I say a beautiful tri-color.

9/16/2004:For those that don't know, when we start weaning the Chihuahua puppies we move them from the whelping box to a large cage with a litter box and a sleeping area. I suppose the litter box takes up maybe two-thirds of the space. Puppies naturally don't like eliminating (read: pooping) in their sleeping space, so naturally they have to start using the litter area. For the first few days there's always some accidents, but very quickly they get the hint and start using the litter... Again, 'cause puppies just don't like using their sleeping space as a bathroom.

So, imagine this, I walk in in the morning and what should I find? Poop in front of (outside) the cage...??? and all of the puppies sleeping like little angels in their bed, inside the cage. A mystery???
Turns out Frank, Shasta, and Sandy are all small enough to squeeze their brat-little heads through the bars... go potty.. then return to their brothers and sisters...

Chihuahuas are smart little dogs... too smart!!!

9/14/2004:Cheyenne's puppies on the webcam!
Daisy's puppies have started weaning. Their lovely accomidations include a litter box... 'cause Mama gets to take a break!
Everybody is doing well: Moms and puppies!
Kia (Sesame) is the most curious at the moment... Her and little Shasta... that boy is always gettin' into something.

9/13/2004:Daisy's puppies love mush!
Who wouldn't?

... and by the way, PUPPIES ARE BETTER THAN CABLE!

If you're reading this, then read carefully: THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS A "TEACUP"... unless you're thinking of something in a China shop.
Read this or This.
We constantly get asked two things: "Do we have any Teacup Chihuahuas (Chiwawas, Chihauhaus, Chewbackus)?" and "How much are your Chihuahuas?"
The prices are posted on the Puppy Page, other than that expect $500-600.
If you want to sound like an educated, responsible new owner, quit asking for "Teacups"!

9/11/2004:Daisy puppies start weaning today. With six puppies, I think Daisy is VERY glad!

6/27/2004:Scarlett finally had her puppies! 2 beautiful girls and 1 very handsome boy! They were definitely worth the wait. We will have their pictures up in the next couple days, so, check out the Puppies page. All the moms and their babes are doing great. Frida and Skye's litters have opened their eyes and are starting to react to noises. That's when the fun starts! We have started welcoming visitors to the puppy room. If you would like to visit and see the pups, or just a bunch of crazy chihuahuas, email us and we can set up a time. We'd love to see you!

6/23/2004:PUPPIES ARE HERE! Sorry it took so long to get the puppies on the site. We've been a little busy! Frida had 3 beautiful girls, Skye had 3 boys, 1 girl, Lily had 2 boys, 2 girls, and Scarlett is due any time. You can
see them all on the puppies page. The coat types are our best guess right now, they are a bit small! We will be welcoming visitors starting June 26 and taking deposits. Please email to set up an appointment. We will try to change the puppy cam around, so, all the litters can be seen. Lily and her brood are on today. Enjoy!

3/14/2004:Our friend Patty has some Chihuahua Puppies for sale! Patty's "Jewel" had a litter of five and there's three left. Check out the puppy page.

12/10/2003:Everybody's favorite question just got answered: "how much?"… check the puppy page.

12/3/2003:Some new stuff added to the website: the AOL/MSN/YAHOO instant messenger links… if we're available, we'll chat with you!; this journal format is new too… trying to make it easier form me to keep up with the entries!; and yes, NEW PUPPIES!!! Congratulations Ginger! (Sterling too!)

9/22/2003: Good news/bad news. I feel guilty, so let me start of by saying sorry. Sorry to those that were so willing to accept one of our rescued dogs in to their lives, but I say "No" to by picking someone else. I truly hope this process doesn't tarnish your good intentions... I spend a lot of time wrestling with my decision. There is a never ending supply of rescued Chihuahuas, so don't stop helping.
The good news and bad news are one and the same: Peppy has a new home!

9/12/2003:If you waited until now, you've almost waited too long! Only a few Chihuahua puppies left... See Aussie on the Puppy Page, she's a doll. Mom is a Tiger Brindle - if you've ever seen a Pit Bull that looks like it has tiger stripes, Pepperjack looks like that. A beautiful tiger stripe Chihuahua.

9/10/2003:All the puppies started weaning today. Their new home is set up, the webcam is in position. Chimi, formally Robber, keeps winding up in the blocked off space on the side of the litter box. How he gets there, I don't know! But then he's all alone and he starts crying... poor puppy... let the bearded man help you out of there! Aw, poor puppy, you're okay now.

Check out the Puppy Page

8/27/2003:Rescued dog Cuddles went to a new home!

8/25/2003: Lisa A. broke her wrist... as she is a Chihuahua breeder-friend of ours, we our helping out with her puppies. We instantly have three new litters of Chihuahua puppies... actually two this week, one more next week. We didn't get them all at once because we didn't want to put undue stress on the puppies. We have PepperJack and Spinner with us too... Our famous Sterling Steve was the stud for Spinner, so Spinner knows us well. PepperJack is a beautiful smoothcoat Tiger Brindle and Spinner is a beautiful longcoat red. All of the puppies are very healthy and as they're all at least two weeks old, we are starting to take deposits. We also have "Trouble" (from Daisy and Miko) and she ready to go to a new home! Check out the puppy page!

8/23/2003:We have finally finished up with the recent puppies and we've started focusing on the rescued dogs. Call and appointments are being made... if you're interested, contact us again.

7/31/2003:Something funny this morning: Zora's and Scarlett's puppies are eating like little wolves... but today, one piece of food got into the water dish. Six puppies all taking turns "bobbing for apples". There was food elsewhere... everywhere... but this single piece of food in the water dish was the main attraction. I think Rocky finally got it and soon the rest of the food was vacuumed up! Teamwork!

7/17/2003:Lily's pups are three weeks old today. Worming Treatment! We use Nemex 2 for worming our Chihuahua puppies. For those that don't know, hookworm and roundworm can lie dormant in the mother's intestines. The hormones during pregnancy bring the worms out of dormancy, transmitting to the puppies via the umbilical. Even though all of our Chihuahuas have negative results for these parasites, we automatically worm our puppies at 3, 5 & 7 weeks old. We want to be sure your Chihuahua puppy is happy and healthy!

7/15/2003:Scarlett & Zora's pups started weaning! Mush!! Everyone ate very well, took to it immediately. The litter box is in place and it is being used! YAY!! Puppy life is good!

7/12/2003:Changed the puppy cam to Zora's pups today. They have a little more action going on! We start weaning them on Tuesday. Check out the puppycam at 8am & 6pm to watch the fun as the puppies learn about mush! They grow up so fast! We cherish our time with them.

7/3/2003:Today was the one week weigh-in for Lily's puppies. It's hard to believe that they're a week old already. Tomorrow is weigh-in for Frida's puppies. I've heard from some of the soon-to-be parent about breeders that breed two, four or six kinds of dogs... I don't know how they can keep up with them... it makes me exhausted just thinking about it.


We love our Chihuahuas!  We know you will too!

Chihuahuas are very loving, loyal dogs.  They love to be pampered, but they love to play too.  A Chihuahua is a very intelligent, active dog.  Easily trained. They do not "Yip", but rather "Bark" and then only as an alert (or when playing).  Compact, easy to care for, loving and loyal; Chihuahuas are a fantastic dog.
Chihuahuas may have long hair (long coat) or short hair (smooth coat).  A single litter may have puppies with both hair types, which is to say, two smooth coat parents may (and do) have long coat puppies.
Chihuahua puppies come in many colors: Tan, Fawn, Chocolate, White, Blue, Black, Brindle with many different markings and possibly sabling.
As I'm sure you have learned from many other websites, there is no such thing as a "Teacup Chihuahua" or "Pocket Chihuahua".  Teacup and pocket are made-up terms used to mislead you in to thinking that a breeder is doing something special. Every breeder will have unusually small Chihuahuas from time-to-time as a consequence of Mother Nature,  much the same as variations in human beings. An "average" sized Chihuahua should weigh approximately six pounds, the breed standard, some Chihuahuas are "below" average, some are "above" average.  If a breeder purports to having just teacup or pocket Chihuahuas, they could very well be breeding unethically or inhumanly for greed.
We, at Chihuahua-Land, focus on high quality traits, such as Apple Domed heads, small molera, well proportioned bodies.  We focus on socialization for pleasant, well tempered, playful puppies and dogs.
We wean our Chihuahua puppies at four weeks, vaccinate at six weeks, and they're able to go to their new homes at eight weeks old.  This is planned; Bonding happens best around the eighth week. By this time, your Chihuahua puppy has been on puppy food for four weeks, been using a litter box to eliminate, and ready to comfortably endure the stress of changing to its new home.
We are litter training our puppies. We had been using newspaper, but this "crystal" cat litter stuff is the "cat's meow".  It has been very successful so far.  Chihuahuas are not like larger dog breeds. They aren't going to be safe being outside in the cold Illinois winters for long periods of time. A Chihuahua is an indoor dog.  They are intelligent dogs and will properly adapt to using the litter (if stuck inside on a cold Chicago day) and still eliminate on command when taken outside.
We will ship puppies, but (1)the weather will have to be right; (2)you will have to be willing to be thoroughly  interviewed; (3) you may have to wait extra weeks for the puppy to grow to the size and stamina that makes us comfortable; (4) you will incur the extra costs of shipping, a crate, and an additional vet health exam, possibly additional vaccinations (because of age); (5) pay in full before shipping.  For these reasons we prefer to have you pick up your puppy. We're near Chicago, Illinois so we're centrally located in the Midwest.  We normally suggest that you consider finding cheap airfare and picking up your puppy in person.  This is less stressful on the puppy.

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